Could someone clue me in on how to ask for extras at a 

massage parlor? Also how do you determine if the massage 

ads in the classifieds are sexual massages?

Ask before the session, after you've taken off your clothes. This is

normally the time to discuss tipping and services. You're supposed to tell

her what you want, and how much you're willing to pay. Use their

terminology. "Manual release" means hand job; "oral" for blow job; "full

service" or "straight sex" for screwing; "half-and-half" for blow job

followed by screwing. You might say, "I'd like a full service session -

how's sixty?" If she doesn't do it, she'll tell you so, and you can move

on from there. If you're interested in other extras, like eating pussy,

french kissing, cumming on her, etc. mention them as well. No harm done.

If she wants to try for more money, she'll either say it's not enough and

wait for you to offer more or just tell you her price. Then you negotiate

from there. The key is that it's your job to say what kind of sex you're

after, not hers to volunteer what she'll do. This is because she's

vulnerable to police stings, while a massage patron is virtually


As for finding a spa that offers sex, here are a few guidelines:

-Any place that features "therapeutic" massage, or is listed in the yellow

pages under "Massage Therapy" does NOT sell sex.

-All Oriental spas DO sell at least hand jobs, or else go out of business


-Any place that advertises in the sports section sells sex of some sort.

-Most any place that keeps late evening hours (past 9PM) sells sex.

If in doubt, call them and ask:

-Do they have an all-girl staff?

-Do you have a choice of girls?

-Does the session take place in a private room?

-Do the girls work for tips?

-Do they offer a shower? (Also, is it an "assisted shower"?)

-Are appointments recommended, or advised?


Many massage parlours are extra cautious and offer full service only

to repeat customers. Sometimes it can be worthwhile to try again,

especially if the girl was nice and the massage was good. If you

plan on doing this, you might want to ask first when your girl is

working again, because otherwise you won't be recognized as a repeat



One tip you may want to forward to your readers who are looking for

"full service" massage parlours or accupressure clinics. If the room

you are going to be serviced in has a curtain or beads in the doorway

instead of a lockable door, plan on getting just a massage. Almost

every "full sevice" massage parlor/accupressure clinic I have

encountered had a lockable door to ensure privacy.


It is my understanding that one of the ways to determine (before

undressing) if the person you are soliciting is a police officer is to

ask them a question, which they are obliged to answer correctly. To the

best of my knowledge, the wording to this question goes something like:

"Are you or have you ever been an officer of the court or of the law?"

Do I have the wording right or am I missing something (obviously, this

is not something you want to abbreviate, so if there's more to it than

this, please email or better still post so everyone can benefit)!!

There is no such question. Undercover police officers are allowed to

lie to you. The closest thing that exists is to get the sex worker to

bring up prices and services, but she won't unless she is stupid or a

cop willing to lie on the witness stand about what she said.

Let us consider the larger question about how to avoid being arrested

when soliciting AND not getting robbed or beat up AND not paying big

bucks for nothing.  Here is a method that I have been using for years,

and it does work.

First, forget streetwalkers.  Even if the girl is OK, cops love to catch

you in the act.  They also love to pose as streetwalkers.  Criminals love

to rob you while you are parked.  Some girls are masters at picking your

pocket while your pants are down.  The whole street scene causes a great

deal of community outrage, and invites police crackdowns.  Stay away.

Escorts can be a better deal if you take some precautions.  Rent a room

in a highrise hotel near the top.  Don't bring anything in the room with

you except cash, your clothes, and I.D (and I DON'T mean your full wallet

with credit cards!).  Call your escort, and when she arrives lock the

door and set the little deadbolt thingie so that even someone with a

key can't get in without breaking something.  Also, put out the do not

disturb card and get a good look at the hallway while doing it.

Now for the hard part.  Ripoffs will insist that you pay up front before

discussing anything.  They claim that this protects them (it doesn't).

You MUST refuse to pay until you agree on what you will do.  If she won't,

say good bye and call another escort agency.  This newsgroup is full of

sad stories about paying $250 for 15 minutes of nude dancing.....  You

just have to be willing to let her go.  This involves thinking with your

brain instead if your dick, so many men cannot manage it.  Follow this

advice and you have a good chance with an escort.  Be willing to say NO.

In my opinion, the safest way is to use a massage place.  Pick one that

advertises in your local sex rag, is open until 9 or 10 at night (2 AM

is ideal) and charges $40 for 1/2 hour.  Pay your $40, take a shower if

it is offered (sometimes no-shower customers don't get full service),

and go to your massage room.  Now for the important part.  Put your wallet

in plain sight with $60 or $80 showing.  Fan out 3 or 4 $20 bills like a

poker hand sticking out of the wallet.  Do not speak a word about this.

If she asks, tell her "That's my tip money.  Thanks! I wouldn't want it

to fall out!" and put it in the wallet.  You may be speaking to a cop,

so you become a massage seeker who does not want sex if any more questions

of that nature are asked.  Most of the time nothing is said.  O.K., so

there you are on the table wondering about full service.  While on your

belly, remove the towel over your butt.  If she puts it back, take it off

again.  If she puts it on again, you become the massage seeker.  Try to

have an erection, then turn over and see what happens.  At no time do you

talk about sex or money.  Tell her she is pretty, ask her where she is from,

but never talk about sex or cash before the actual full service begins.

If nothing happens, don't tip, and insist on a full 30 minutes of massage.

If you get full service, leave $60 or $80 on the table when you get dressed.

When you visit a full service place a second time, leave the cash on the

table side by side, but in all cases, stop her if she tries to take it

before the session.  Say "That's mine! I need it for your tip!"  If she

tries to take it anyway, put on your clothes, ask for a full refund, and

call the police if you don't get it.  You are a massage seeker, not a sex

seeker, remember?   Bottom line, you are out $40 and you get a nice $40

massage, or you are out $100-$120 for full service, or you are out nothing

and the cops are raiding a ripoff joint.  You really can't lose.  All of

this is from experience.  This really does work.


found out from a massage parlor worker (girl) that they typically search

your wallet for id and or police badge while you're in the shower. This

is done for first timers only until they get used to you as a regular. 

So check your cash.


Just thought I'd add a different perspective. I'm a "working girl" in

the North county area.  Keep in mind that even though most places

charge $45 for a half hour and $80 for the hour, your girl only gets

$10 for the half and $20 for the full.  Management gets most of the

money.  The Korean places also have a "mama" that gets a tip ever

night of about $20-$40.  This means that the girl works strictly off

her tips. Who wants to give free handjobs for a living???? Come on

guys, everybody has to make a living! Polite, clean nice tippers get

good service. Acceptable tips are $50 H.J. $75 B.J. $100 everything.

Please practice safe sex and treat the girls with the respect.